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About Us

Members Only Shopping - by invitation-only

Senseno  is a private shopping club by invitation-only . You will discover thousands of the top fashion and lifestyle brands at amazing savings.  Members delight in discovering private sale events that open daily – and stay open only for a short time. Senseno is  a  place where members  discover some of the most sought-after brands in fashion, accessories, footwear, home, travel, beauty, gourmet food, local services, and more at prices up to 80% off retail.

We obtain authentic designer merchandise and provide it exclusively to our members through limited-time events. Each event starts at a specific time and typically lasts only 48 hours. After each event ends the merchandise is no longer available. Members are notified by email in advance of each upcoming event according to their preferences.


Membership has its privileges!

There are three ways to senseno:

  1. You can be invited by a friend who is already a member
  2. You can get a special invitation from one of our marketing partners
  3. You can request a membership

From time-to-time, we need to restrict the number of new members that we add to the Club, which can cause a delay in our accepting a request or invitation to join. We do this in order to ensure that all our members have adequate access to the merchandise in our events


First Come, First Served

Due to the exclusive nature of the merchandise in our events, quantities are often limited and certain styles may only be available in a narrow range of sizes. To take advantage of the broadest possible selection, we recommend that you come to the events early (soon after they open) and shop quickly. To ensure that all members have an equal opportunity to get the items they want, we also limit the amount of time an item can stay in your shopping bag.

All sales take place only on and  our full collection of merchandise is always available at the start of the sale, so be sure to log on early.  


Our Goal is Focused

Senseno ’s was established with the dream of making authentic designer brands at amazing savings possible for everyone. It’s a new way of thinking about Everyone can afford authentic designer brands at low-cost !  What inspires us is Senseno’s potential to fundamentally change the way that members and merchandise environments in interaction.

Senseno continues to pave the way for low-cost dedicated to invitation Members Only. Our merchandising team spend tons of time to search the world for the best products and negotiating deals direct with suppliers to offer a wide innovative range of designer’s brands channels in simple and costs low exclusively to our members.

Through our innovative private shopping solutions, efficient processes and a passionate approach, Senseno is a place where discounted luxury is not an oxymoron. We bring you straight into the world of private sales, with exclusive members’ only deals.